Waiting for the OneWaiting for the One

"With This Ring, I’m waiting for the one whom God has saved for me.”

I was twenty years old when I sang these words into the studio microphone. If God was calling me to the Vocation of Marriage, then my future husband was out there somewhere, and he was worth waiting for. The question was, how would I know, “the one” when he arrived?

Within a year of recording my new song, I started dating my friend David. As the months went on, we began seriously praying about the possibility of getting married. Sitting at a coffee shop one night, David asked me, “What does it meanto discern marriage?” I did not have a clear response. Soon after, I led music for a youth retreat. The topic of the weekend revolved around a little book entitled, “What Does God Want? A Practical Guide to Making Decisions,” by Fr. Michael Scanlon.

As the youth learned the “Five C’s” of discernment, I tested the possibility of marrying David: 

  1. Conformity – Is the proposed course of action in line with God’s revealed will?
  2. Conversion – Will the decision draw me deeper in love with Christ?
  3. Consistency – Has it come about in a similar way to how God has led me in the past?
  4. Confirmation – Have I experienced supporting evidence that reveals the good of this choice?
  5. Conviction – Do I have certainty in my heart that this is right?

My answer for the first 4 “C’s” was a resounding, “Yes!” However, I was still missing the gut feeling of conviction. 
That night I had the opportunity to spend an hour before the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration. I wondered if God would answer my burning question. When I entered the tiny, make-shift chapel, it hit me. I knew. Somehow, in the depths of my heart, I knew David was “the one.” 

This was the conviction Fr. Scanlon described.  As I prayed, the Holy Spirit eased my hesitation. I abruptly remembered that marriage also meant openness to children. “Lord, what about having a baby? I didn’t ask for that!” To the right of the Host was a carved image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, cradling Baby Jesus in her arms. Suddenly, I seemed to hear an interior voice saying, “Mary didn’t ask for this either. I asked her.” 

After so much waiting and praying, my Vocation became clear. Two years later, David and I are happily married, with a beautiful baby boy. Married life is more wonderful than I ever imagined. To find, “the one,” I simply needed to seek God each step of the way.

By: Amanda Vernon
Amanda Vernon is a 23-year-old wife, mother, and internationally-acclaimed Catholic music minister from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out Amanda's ministry, including her new original music video, "With This Ring," at her website: www.amandavernon.com.

Photo by: Deanna Rae Photography  http://www.facebook.com/pages.deannarae.photo

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